Find Courier Companies and Freight Pool

Accessing Courierboard’s online network of professional courier companies gives businesses and individuals an opportunity to save money by locating courier companies who can pool their freight, filling excess capacity on delivery vehicles.  When looking for a courier company you have two options:  1) You can call several companies directly and get their stated rate based on your pickup location, destination, weight, dimensions, and how quickly the delivery must be made, or 2) You can post your delivery information using Courierboard’s Quick Quote system and alerts are sent automatically within 10 minutes to all courier companies in Courierboard’s courier company network within 75 miles of the pick up location.  Courier companies receive the alert and review your delivery requirements, contacting you directly with their quotes. This provides the shipper with an easy way to get competitive quotes.

Courier companies that already have a vehicle doing deliveries in the area where you need service can often provide a lower price because they can pool your delivery with their existing route deliveries, which lowers the cost for your shipment.  The rate advantage can be substantial versus hiring a courier that will be doing your delivery only.  An individual who purchased a vintage Mercedes convertible top on eBay posted a quote request on Courierboard to have the top picked up in North Carolina and delivered in Connecticut.  The quotes he received varied substantially, from a high of $550 to a low of $160.  The courier company offering the lowest rate already had a delivery vehicle traveling on that route with room to accommodate the extra freight and pool with other shipments.

In summary, using Courierboard’s free Quote system provides shippers with an opportunity to save time getting multiple quotes and when local courier companies can freight pool the shipment, the shipper may save money as well.


  • I really like this model, as it allows you to compare prices and essentially gets courier companies to compete for business. It’s a good way for customers to get competitive deals.