What are the Savings Using Courier Companies for Deliveries?

Are courier companies more expensive than using standard shipping options?

The cost of using a courier company is not prohibitive and can often be far less expensive and faster than standard options – particularly for same-day, bulky, odd shaped and heavy items needing delivery in a local area. Courier companies offer premium services that are not expensive on deliveries up to 10,000 pounds and up to 100 miles (average max. pick up to delivery distance).  Note: Many courier companies will deliver greater distances ~ 300 miles, but all deliveries are done via a delivery vehicle (car, minivan, Cargo Van or Truck), no same day air. A courier company will come to your location, pick up your item(s) as is (no special packaging or boxing required) and will drop off according to your delivery instructions, same day.

You can realize substantial savings using courier companies, especially for large or heavy items. Courier companies regularly handle deliveries up to 100 miles in distance (some companies go further) at a cost that is frequently much less than other shipping options.  Individuals moving items over 35 pounds or needing same day service should always get a quote from a courier company and compare it to the standard overnight rates before they choose a shipping provider.  Weight is not the primary factor in a courier company’s pricing – it is distance and time.  How far do you need it to go and how quickly do you need it delivered – in 2 hours, in 4 hours, the next day, etc.?    You may contact a courier company that already has a driver in the area where you need service with a truck that is returning from a prior delivery empty.

Companies are often willing to give a particularly competitive rate if they can fill a truck or van that is returning empty or partially filled.