Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Courier Company for Your Delivery

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Courier Company for Your Delivery

#1.  Courier Companies can pick up and deliver your shipment the same day, solving last-minute delivery needs.

Couriers deliver by ground service, so destination must be reachable same day, assuming standard driving times from pick up to the delivery location.

#2.  Courier companies can often save individuals and businesses money versus express and overnight shipping, particularly when the shipment is heavy or bulky.

Distance is the primary cost factor in courier delivery quotes not weight, 20 lbs. vs. 200 lbs. has a much smaller impact on the delivery cost using a courier company.  Compare a same-day courier delivery quote vs. overnight when the delivery destination is 60 miles or closer.

#3.  Courier companies can pick up and deliver 24/7, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, providing delivery services when standard shipping companies don’t deliver.  

#4.  Courier companies provide customized delivery services at reasonable prices. 

Courier companies provide unique delivery solutions for businesses such as door to door delivery of purchases to customers, picking up sensitive items such as perishable food or medications, critical parts for vehicles or manufacturing plants, and route deliveries for repeat shipments once a week up to 7 days.

#5.  Courier companies maintain service assurance by providing insurance, background checks and performance standards for courier drivers….round the clock dispatchers and shipment tracking for urgent and time-sensitive deliveries.

#6.  Using courier companies reduces the need for businesses to maintain in-house company fleets, by outsourcing seasonal, temporary or full-time deliveries.

Courier companies can provide drivers and vehicles when needed for deliveries to customers or moving inventory between locations – allowing businesses to dedicate resources to their main goal: selling their products, instead of managing deliveries.

#7.  Courier companies provide specialized delivery services that most standard shipping providers don’t offer… such as last flight out, legal process serving, and white glove delivery.

#8.  Courier companies can save customers money through freight pooling …combining deliveries within similar route areas thereby reducing costs.

#9.  Courier companies provide retail businesses with a cost-effective option to deliver products same-day …building customer sales, satisfaction and improving customer loyalty.

#10.  Professional courier companies can be found almost anywhere, from small towns to large urban areas, providing delivery solutions in thousands of cities throughout the U.S.

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