When should you use a courier company versus FedEx, UPS or USPS?

Courier companies offer specialized same day delivery service while FedEx, UPS, and USPS offer next day, two days or up to four-day services.

If your delivery doesn’t easily fit into the “big three” pipeline, they tend to charge you more money to get it done. For example, a Delray Beach company had 10 boxes of brochures each weighing about 25 pounds that needed to picked up in Miami, Florida and delivered to an office in Delray Beach, FL. The delivery distance was about 50 miles or an hour driving. The cost for FedEx overnight was approximately $350 based on box dimensions, number of boxes and weight. A Miami courier company quoted $120 to pick up and deliver the boxes within four hours. The customer saved over $200, didn’t have to create any shipping labels, had the boxes picked up directly from the printer and delivered to its office; all within 4 hours of requesting a quote.

If you post your quote request or repeat delivery request on Courierboard.com, an automatic e-mail alert goes out to every courier company in our network within a 50-mile radius of the originating city (pick-up location). You will get calls or e-mails from 2-5 companies with competitive prices within 15 minutes. Hopefully, you’ll find a courier company that is already going that way that is able to give you a better rate. Courierboard’s delivery quote system helps you save time and money by getting multiple quotes easily.